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You may have a major impact on the rest of your life in the university or college, so it is a good idea to do some research. To help in the process, we have compiled the ranking of Best 10 US universities and colleges according to the recently released QS World University Rankings: USA 2021.

We have also broken a complete list of top American universities by the state, so that you can find a leading study destination which is close to home (and maybe more affordable than expensive out-of-state options).

Harvard University
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Notice: Covid 19

Invited to study at Harvard University, international students are advised to contact their academic department for more information. While the entrance office is closed, employees can be contacted by email and telephone. No information session or tourism will be canceled.


Travel – Harvard’s weekend for recruitment students – is now being organized virtually.

Established in 1636, Harvard is the oldest higher education institute in the United States, and it is widely considered widely in terms of its influence, reputation, and academic genealogy as a leading university …

Harvard University is one of the top private universities in Cambridge, United States. This QS Global World Ranking is # 5 in 2022.

Student & Staff Harvard University

Total students :- 23,663

International students :- 5,877


Total faculty staff :- 4,646

Total students:- 23,663
International students:- 5,877
Total faculty staff :- 4,646

No:- Stanford University

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Knowledge: Covid-19

The Stanford of the Nakak Prashchash has been bound by the information. Applications continue to be converted, Hawalki, and work to contact the boat of email. Saby tourism, program and sun sessions are ahead of what you are ahead.

In the 35 miles south of San Francisco and 20 miles north of San Jose, Stanford University is in the center of the dynamic silicon valley of North California, Yahoo, Google, Hewlett-Packard, and many other sophisticated technology companies …

Stanford University is one of the top private universities in Stanford, United States. This QS Global World Ranking is at # = 3 in 2022.

Student and employee Stanford University

Total students :- 16,164

International students :- 3,879

Total faculty staff
N0:-3 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

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Information: – Kovid-19

MIT has canceled information sessions and tourism for potential students. On-campus entrance office is also closed indefinitely, although they are still answering emails and phone calls. The University has assured the students whose education has been disrupted by Kosvid-19 that they will not be punished in the admission process.


Through the summer of MIT 2020, any person will not host or sponsor programming. Instead, students and their families can learn everything necessary about the campus through any kind of online delivery system.


“Mind and Hand” is the ideal ideal of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is also called MIT. This motto can help in making the world a better place to the world which enmulates the mission of this famous institution to pursue knowledge in the areas of science, technology and scholarship.

In 1861, MIT was a small community of problem-solvers and science lovers in the beginning, which was eager to bring their knowledge around the world. Today, MIT has developed some 1,000 faculty members and an academic behemoth with over 11,000 graduates and graduate students.

MIT is now an independent, conversion, personalized university, which is five schools (architecture and planning; Engineering; Humanities, arts, and social science; Management; Management; Yet the principle of academic innovation remains in the origin of MIT’s academic philosophy.

MIT researchers are in the forefront of development in artificial intelligence, climate optimization, HIV, cancer, and poverty eradication, while scientific successes in the last MIT research such as the development of radar, the invention of magnetic core memory and the concept of extended universe.

Science and Technology are not the only wire for MIT bow, though. About 20 percent of MIT graduates joined a sports team, and 33 Versions Sports MIT is one of the most comprehensive intercolumn athletic programs in the world.

A vibrant art culture also enters college life. There are 12 museums and galleries in the premises, MIT Museum attracts approximately 125,000 visitors every year. Students participate in more than 60 music, theater, writing and dance groups, and MIT faculty members also include Pulitzer Award winners and Guggenheim Fellow.

MIT is installed in 168 acres, which is extended for more than a mile with the Cambridge side of the Charles River Basin. Architects alwar Huh.

On his edges, the campus is merged with various Cambridge neighbors, including Kendal Square, it is one of the most innovative square miles on the planet. The close association of industry and research has helped MIT to launch more than 30,000 active companies, starting 4.6 million jobs and produce approximately 1.9 trillion dollars in annual revenues. No wonder that a nation of MIT graduates will be equal to the world’s 10th largest economy.



University of California, Berkeley (UCB)

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Established in 1868, California University, Berkeley (UCB) is a public research university and is the leading institution of ten research universities affiliated to the University of California University.

Berkeley is one of the 14 founding members of the Association of American Universities and is home to some world famous research institutes including mathematical science research and space science laboratory.

Berkeley includes 99 Nobel Prize winners, 23 Turing award winners, and 14 Pulitzer award winners in alumni, faculty and researchers. Faculty member JR Openhimmer led the Manhattan project to make the first nuclear bomb, while Berkeley’s Nobel Prize winner Ernest Lawrence invented Cyclotron, through which UC Berkeley scientists and researchers discovered 16 chemical elements of periodic table .

Berkeley started with more than 40 students but in California as the first full-course university, it got the ground fast on its spectacular predecessors. At the beginning of the 19 40s, it was largely increased and was only given the second place for Harvard.

During this decade, Berkeley gained and reputation through its radiation laboratory, which played an important role in the project to develop a nuclear bomb. During the sixties, Berkeley received a worldwide reputation for student activism, thanks for the free speech movement of 1964 and the campus protest of the Vietnam War. In 1969, the then Governor of California Ronald Reagan said a paradise for Berkeley Campus “Communist Assembly, protesters and sex ladies,” Although today’s students are more politically moderate.

Berkeley Campus has incorporated nearly 1,232 acres of Los Angeles, in which California with many BX-art-style buildings recognized as historical sites.

Its 40,000 students are graduating in three quarters who give a young experience in vibrant, urban surroundings on campus. Most graduate students live in residential hall, where they can work and play friends, work and play in a safe environment designed to increase the academic experience through the culture of care.

Students are co-ops and non-profit housing cooperative societies for Berkeley students, in which there are three apartment cooperative societies around 1,300 students living in 17 homes and Berkeley campus. Students can play games, and every imaginable interest can be included in clubs and societies. In the campus, the student Lawrence Hall of Science, can watch clock games at the new renewed California Memorial Stadium, take into the afternoon concert, or spread through the social heart of Sprayal Plaza, Berkeley Campus.

N0:-5 University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

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Based on the hot and sunlight Los Angeles, California University, Los Angeles (UCLA) was given in the world’s best university according to QS World University Ranking® 2016-2017.

UCLA graduates are in the jealousy position of being one of the world’s most employable students in the world, as QS Graduate Employment Ranking® has been suggested by the effective performance of UCLA in 2017.

UCLA is one of the world’s top 10 universities:

N0:-6 Yale University

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Information: Covid-19

The visitors of Yale University campus are being asked to come only when they are. Classes are being taught online.

Yale University is a private research university and is a member of the prestigious Ivy League, which is a group of America’s most famous higher education institutions. Located in the first planned city of New Haven, Connecticut, America, Yale was established in 1701 by English Archians, which was making it a third-old higher education institute in the United States.

Today, the city, which is part of the New York Metropolitan area, is very dominant of Yale, although it is also billed as “Connecticut’s Cultural Capital”. According to the New York Times, New Haven is also extremely picturesque, “with art almost everywhere you see”.

The central campus of Yale University covers 260 acres and buildings from the middle of the 18th century. The University is held in 14 schools: Basic Graduate College, Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and 12 Professional School.


Graduates follow a liberal arts course, which allows you to think and learn in topics before deciding. Perhaps its most distinctive feature, Yale Undergraduates are arranged in the social system of residential colleges, which allows them to experience solidarity and intimacy of a small school while still enjoying the cultural and scholar resources of a large university. is taking.

Barack Obama’s recent unveiled Portrait was by a Yale alumni, and was roaming in the Yale campus, you will find that you are surrounded by public art. Stay in this courtyard or plaza, lobby or lecture hall, inspires art reflection on Yale and provides beauty joy.

College life is equally prosperous, which reflects the diversity of cultures and nationalities on the campus. There is always a packed art calendar, which includes exhibitions in world-class museums and galleries. A Tony Award Winner Theater, Yale Cabaret – Aater-Restaurant – and Hundreds of Student Groups, who are driven by the students, are ranging from serious.

At the top, you will also meet with high quality sports facilities, golf courses and tennis, polo, celling, ice hockey, and university teams of more than 30 men and women for competitive sports. ,

To study in Yale, it is to be included in the great company: Four Yale graduates signed the American announcement of independence, and the university has educated five US presidents: William Howard Tork, Garald Ford, Gerald Ford, George H. Bush , Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. It is generally considered one of America and the world’s most prestigious universities, it is accepted as a fierce competition.

N0:-7 Columbia university

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Information: Covid-19

Until further information, Visitor Center of Columbia University has closed. Classes have been planned to continue for the upcoming period. International students have been convinced that taking online classes does not affect their visa status.

Established in 1754, Columbia University is a private Ivy League Research University in Upper Manhattan, New York City. It was established in the form of King’s College by the Royal Charter of George II of Greet Britain and after the American Revolutionary War, the name of Colombia College was changed in 1784.

With 5.8 percent graduate acceptance rate, Colombia is currently the third most selected college in the United States and the second most selected in the Ivy League after Harvard. Its first President was none other than Literary Samuel Johnson, and for years Colombia has produced many prestigious alumni from Oscar winners and the Supreme Court judges from the Nobel winners. Three US President and writers announced the freedom and US Constitution were also included in Columbia. This annual award for the achievements in journalism, literature and music structure also runs highly prestigious Pulitzer Awards.

The University has been arranged in 20 schools, including graduate schools such as Columnia College, Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, and School of General Studies, as well as graduate schools such as Clombia Law School, Columbia College of Figense and Surgeon. , Colombia Journalism School and Columbia Business School. There was also a global research posting worldwide. Its a total student body is around 28,000 and mainly included postgraduate with 8,500 graduate students.

Columbia’s main campus is MorningSide Heights, the MorningSide Heights of New York is occupying the block of six city in the district. This is the home of Neo-Classical Butler Library, which is one of the largest buildings on the campus, and about two dozen graduate dormitories. There are also 7,800 apartments in the local area at the University, which are home faculty members, students and employees.

The campus was designed with BX-Art principles and in the second half of the 19th century, there was an approach to a campus where all subjects could be taught. In some of its standout features, a low memorial library, a national historical landmark, the site of the invention of FM radio, and in place where uranium is atomic fragmentation.

There are more important steps for students, a long series of granite stages which is a popular hangout and meeting place, and Alma Mater’s bronze shape, a female figure in an academic gown which acts as daily reminders to students of their scholars Duties.

N0:-8 Princeton University
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Princeton University lectures and classes are now being taught online. The applicant will not be able to go to the university.


Princeton is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the United States. It was founded in 1746 and went to his current site in New Jersey in 1896.

Princeton is famous for the magnificent greenery of his premises and for its architectural glory of some historic buildings, such as its Louise Library, which was designed by Frank Geafery. Its student body is relatively small, nominated at 10,000 in total, and 12 percent of international student graduates.

Princeton is one of the world’s most prominent research universities, and has educated two US presidents, James Madison and Wuddero Wilson. Other prestigious graduates include Michelle Obama, actor Jimmy Stewart and David Danchovy, Google President Eric Schmid and Apollo Astronaut Pete Conrad.

Princeton was founded by the new light Presbyterian people to provide training to their ministers. After the American Home War, the college expanded, and its curriculum was overhauled. At the end of the 20th century, it became officially a university and its famous graduate school was opened.

Today’s Princeton offers a bachelor and graduate education in humanities, social science, natural science, and engineering as well as many professional degrees.

Princeton’s main campus is spread over 500 acres and there are approximately 180 buildings including 10 libraries. The journey of New York was named the most beautiful in the main campus in the United States by Vacation Magazine. Most Princeton students live, eat, study, work, and are in vacation in the premises.

The Ivy League Institution guarantees all your graduate students in four years of their degree and is committed to creating a diverse campus community. Residential colleges provide various academic, social, cultural and entertaining programs, and students have opportunities to join interests beyond their academic studies, whether it is writing for literary publication, learning science of beekeeping, Or singing group with a kapela.

University is within easy reach of both New York City and Philadelphia, “Dinky” shuttle train offers regular one hour service to both cities.

Studies in Princeton surrounded by natural beauty and architectural gems brings the best in students. Many alumni and faculty members have been awarded the Nobel Prize, and the university is constantly in place in the top ten worldwide. Admissions are required and, through the combination of grants and college jobs, some students are graduated in debt – even if 60 percent of the coming students receive financial assistance.

N0:-9 New York University (NYU)
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The New York University (NYU) was rated to the maximum five QS stars, in which the categories were received full marks in research, innovation, facilities and expert criteria.

In the 46th place in QS World University Ranking® 2016-2017, NYU is one of the best universities of the world, and its graduates have been adapted by recruiters, as graduated according to the excellent performance of NYU in the Undergraduate Employer Ranking 2017 Is.

NYU QS is one of the world’s top universities in the World University Ranking®:

accounting and Finance
Law and legal studies
Based on New York City, NYU has campus in Manhattan and Brooklyn, with the origin of its buildings around Lovely Washington Square Park in Greenwich village. Actor Alec Baldwin, Pop Star Lady Gaga, and playwright Tony Kushner is celebrated in the famous alumni.

N0:-10 University of Pennsylvania

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COVID-19 Information:

The University of Pennsylvania has canceled all campus visits for prospective students. The Entrance Visitor Center is also closed during this time. Students can still explore the campus in virtual tours.


The University of Pennsylvania is a private Ivy League research university located in the city of Philadelphia. It was founded in 1740 by Benjamin Franklin, the founding father of the United States of America, who was eager to create a school to educate future generations.

Franklin advocated a concept of higher education that focused not only on the education of the clergy, but on the knowledge of the arts and humanities, as well as practical skills necessary for living and the public good. His principle of “well done is better than better” through its commitment to inclusive policies and innovation.

As of the fall of 2017, there were 21,599 students studying at Penn, split evenly between undergraduate and graduate students. Penn has a strong focus on interdisciplinary learning and research, offering double degree programs, unparalleled majors, and academic flexibility. This means that competition for studying at Penn is fierce, especially at the undergraduate level. The admission rate for the Class of 2021 was 9.3 percent, of which 46 percent were either black, Hispanic Asian or Native American. Unusually for an Ivy League school, more than half (54 percent) of all students enrolled are women.

Penn’s main campus spans more than 279 acres in an area adjacent to University City in West Philadelphia. All of Penn’s schools and most of its research institutes are located on this campus, which includes restaurants and pubs, a large supermarket, and cinema in the surrounding neighborhood.

Student life at Penn serves up opportunities to discover new interests and passions through a wide variety of social, political, religious and cultural activities. The campus has cultural centers and one-of-a-kind museums that allow art to play a major role in student life such as the Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, the Arthur Ross Gallery and the Institute of Contemporary Art, which are all major cultural sites and Easy access for pen students.

The university also takes sports and recreation very seriously, with students participating in ice hockey, athletics, and a variety of competitive, instructional and recreational sports clubs.

With its arts and science programs ranking in the top 10 nationally, and employment prospects for the most talented students (Penn is one of the most graduates who go on to become Fortune 500 CEOs), there is no doubt that the university Pennsylvania deserves its own Ivy League status and reputation.

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